Happy New Year!

February 12th marks the year of the Metal Ox. The Ox is sturdy, dependable, reliable and honest and will help usher in a year of slow and steady progress. 

Since I began studying feng shui more than 20 years ago, I have embraced many Lunar New Year rituals. But this year I am keeping things simple and focusing mainly on the front entry. Your experience of being home, including your mood and how you feel, begins at your front door. The main entry is the preview for the rest of the space, so if you bring more intentionality to this area it will pay off in every aspect of your life. Below are a few suggestions to get you and your home ready to receive all the goodness the Metal Ox has to offer.

Clean The Front Door: Considering current protocols, this may be standard operating procedure by now, however, an extra thorough cleaning will help wipe away the old (including dirt and germs) and attract new, fresh energy and opportunities. In addition to sanitizing, this simple act will spruce up the approach to your home making it more appealing. I like natural citrus cleansers with lemon or orange. There is something about the smell of citrus that makes me feel happy and hopeful, which is an ideal energy to bring into my home.

Organize The Entry: An entry works best when it’s practical, functional, secure and inviting. 

Make It Practical: Place items you use daily where you would intuitively look for them. When things have designated spots, it helps the nervous system relax. This deliberate sense of order results in palpable calmness, not only in your body but also throughout your home. Take the time to set up your space in a way that helps you function more efficiently and easily and you will reap bountiful rewards.

A hidden office space in this entry highlights order and keeps clutter at bay.

Functionality Is Fundamental: The approach into your home should be smooth and easy. Make sure everything works well. Do not underestimate how small annoyances like a rickety doorknob, loose hinges, blinking lightbulbs, a tripping-hazard rug, etc. can drain your energy. Fix whatever needs attention and you will feel better immediately.

Secure It: Ensure all locks, security systems and smoke alarms, along with anything else that relates to the safety of your home, are operating properly. You will sleep better knowing you are protected.

Create An Invitation: There is nothing more inviting than fresh flowers in an entryway. The scent, natural beauty and color of flowers is a positive draw for good energy. Artwork and accessories are also beneficial, especially when they have personal meaning. 

Keep It Open: Remove any obstacles or impediments to free and easy movement. A less-is-more approach to furnishings will help you, and your space, feel more open and flexible.

Set The Stage With Color: Color is an important tool in feng shui and interior design. It can serve as a bridge between elements, balance and harmonize spaces and direct energy with intention. Color has a direct connection to our emotions. How does the color of your entry make you feel? A color may be pretty, but if it doesn’t strike the right emotional chord then it may not be the best option for your entry. Challenge yourself to find the right hue for you. 

A vibrant hand-painted wallpaper enlivens this small entry. A petite bench provides a practical perch and the monkey portrait injects humor and playfulness.

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Wishing you a safe and prosperous new year filled with good health and happiness. Metal Ox… bring it on!


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