As seen in Domino Magazine: “When we finish, the house feels different – lighter, gentler – and the rooms seem to support our best interest.”

Feng Shui is an art and science that offers a way of coming into rhythm with all that surrounds you. Feng Shui is also known as The Art of Placement. Its goal is to harmonize who you are with where you live. I studied with a master for several years, and have been incorporating feng shui principles into interior design for more than 20 years. I’m passionate about sharing this ancient practice and love how relevant it continues to be, especially in our modern world. I think of my work as creating poetry between people and place.

My feng shui work happens in three simple phases: 

First I create your Ba Tsu chart in Chinese. This is a Natal or Birth Chart which not only provides the foundation for your ideal environment, but also identifies your energetic and elemental make up.

Next I do an analysis and evaluation of the home and property using a variety of techniques, including the Compass Method and Eight Point System. A thorough evaluation of the area and structure clearly defines what the space itself needs in order to be in harmony with where it is situated.

Finally, the information from these first two phases get blended together so both you and your space can flourish. The process results in an individually tailored and uniquely beautiful environment that will support every aspect of your life.

While it is ideal to work with feng shui at the beginning of projects, the principles can be applied at any time. Whether you are building, renovating, moving or just shifting things around, feng shui is highly beneficial and works equally well in both residential and commercial settings. Feng shui is deeply spiritual and magical and is a catalyst for great transformation.

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T 347 886 4006
45 Main Street, Studio 721, Brooklyn, NY 11206