the elements of color

Autumn is an ideal time to focus on color. Here on the East Coast we are treated to a kaleidoscopic array of nature’s beauty that almost begs us to slow down and take notice.

Color communicates the passing of time and seasons. According to Feng Shui each of the seasons is associated with a primary color and its own element. For example, Spring’s color is Green and its element is wood. Renewal and rebirth mark the season where nature is coming back to life in a vast variety of natural Greens. Green is vibrant, refreshing and clean. When considering the 2022 Color of the Year, which is Green, it makes perfect sense when reflecting upon all we’ve been through recently. We all need Green.

I love working with color. Color can transform how we feel and how we experience space. It has power and magic in it. The quickest way to alter the mood of a room is to change the color story. This Pink palace was perfect for a growing teen but not ideal for a calming guest bedroom. We redesigned the room adding a soft Blue/Green on the walls; reupholstered the bed in a light and subtle pattern; kept the window treatments and introduced some comfy French vintage chairs in a neutral linen which shifted the energy completely.

Color can seem to have its own personality and mood. Color, along with materials, creates the ambiance.

This bath in an oceanfront beach house renovation transformed from a sterile White palette to a soothing spa-like Blue/Grey which echoes the sky outside.

This garden level hub came alive when we interjected saturated color for this family of four’s gathering spot. 

In a grand living room, this client’s existing furnishings created a monochromatic color story. To define the space, we reupholstered the sofa in a rich Aubergine mohair and introduced a hair-on-hide bench in the same color. The luxurious sofa is absolutely delicious to look at and lounge upon.

The additional details on the box pillows of this sofa draw your eye to the back of the room, highlighting the large window and the view. 

Color can connect. In our waterfront project in Connecticut, we specifically chose this Kelp-colored rug because it mirrored the greenery and grasses of the exterior. The Cobalt Blue velvet sofa reflects the water and sky, creating harmony with the natural elements.

Color is like a magic wand. It can be wielded to heal, harmonize and balance our own energy with that of our surroundings. To read more about the 2022 Color of the Year, check out this recent article by House Beautiful.

Are you ready to change your color story? There has never been a better time to invest in your home. Transforming your space to support the way you live promotes healthy and balanced living. Whether you are building, renovating, or just moving things around, we are committed to helping you realize your design goals. 


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