So far it seems 2020 is emerging as “The Year of Home.” Our homes have become our entire universe. Everything has shifted and our spaces need to support us in totally different ways. The flow of our daily lives has dramatically altered. Even the meaning of time has changed. It makes sense that our homes would need to adapt as well.
A home is not static – it needs to evolve. This is an ideal moment to ask yourself if your home is truly making you happy and supporting your life, as you are living it right now. When you craft a space that works for you, it nourishes your soul and makes every aspect of life easier. Instead of cobbling together a temporary solution and wondering when things will go back to normal, there is great value in reconfiguring your home to truly fit your needs.

No matter the budget there are ways to create spaces that nurture and heal. Living in harmony with your surroundings optimizes your health and wellbeing, liberates and fuels your natural energy and makes you happier. If you’re struggling to find your way or if your space is not quite doing it for you, here are some easy ways to invite positive change into your home.

Create A Quiet Corner: A small space or even just a chair can provide a quiet spot for some “me time” which is vital to well being, even for pets and children. The small scale of this chair is perfect for Radar who likes to nap in my bedroom. Children often like to be nestled in spaces, so scaling furniture to fit their needs is key for comfort.

Keep Your Kitchen Gleaming: As the center of nourishment and the heart of the home, your kitchen is directly related to your health and abundance. The cleaner, the better. 

Take Advantage Of Natural Light: There is nothing like lying in a little patch of sunlight while relaxing indoors. This sectional flanked by two windows is a perfect perch for reading, daydreaming, or my personal favorite…napping.

Work From Home Near A Window: If you can, set up your wfh space near a window or as close to natural light as possible. Being able to see out a window while working is inspiring and connects you to nature.

Calm Down the Bedroom: This is one room where it’s best to limit electronic devices and gadgets. Laptops, iPads, and cell phones tend to disturb rest. It’s also best if you can control the level of light with dimmers. Lower light levels will signal the body it’s time to sleep.

Corral Kids’ Clutter: Kids have a lot of stuff. Finding attractive ways to store it is key for parental peace of mind. Plus it develops good organizing habits for the wee ones.

Lighten Up: Energy, much like a moth, is attracted to light. Infuse energy into stagnant corners or dark areas with lighting. This is particularly important in stairwells or hallways.

Open And Clean Windows And Doors: Spaces are just like people. They need to breathe and when they do, we do too. Opening windows and doors allows the energy to circulate and refresh all the nooks and crannies, just like a very deep breath does for your body.
There has never been a better time to invest in your home. Transforming your space to support the way you live promotes healthy and balanced living. Whether you are building, renovating, or just moving things around, we are committed to helping you realize your design goals. 


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