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In feng shui the bedroom is one of the most important spaces. It is where you restore and refresh your energy. It is also one of the most private rooms in the home. Below are eight ways in which feng shui can transform your bedroom into a restful oasis that feeds the rest of your life.   

    1. Clean and de-clutter. Evaluate what’s around you and allow yourself to streamline. Less is more. 
    2. Don’t store anything under the bed! Nothing. This is particularly important for people who have difficulty sleeping.
    3. Live in the present. Clinging to the past disturbs peace in the present. Evaluate the energetic cost of keeping objects or art that keep you stuck in the past. Let it go.
    4. Think practically. Practical considerations carefully met will increase ease and restfulness. Most people benefit from room on both sides of the bed, except children. Children often feel more secure when their bed is adjacent to a wall, as seen in the image below. In this case we inset a niche into the millwork as a custom built-in night table. Make sure the bed is at the right height for you and everyone who sleeps in the bed, including any pets.
    5. Consider a headboard. The head of the bed should feel definite and purposeful. A headboard creates a sense of safety and helps us feel protected when we sleep.
    6. Fix anything that’s broken. Broken things zap your energy. Fix it or toss it.
    7. Dim the lights. Lighting has such an effect on our moods and energy. You should always be able to control the level of light in your bedroom. 
    8. Be careful with mirrors. They activate energy. It’s best to avoid hanging a mirror across from the bed or windows.
      Comfort is key. Pay attention to your bed. If it’s not comfortable, consider getting yourself the most comfortable bed you can afford.


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